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Professional expertise

Provision of dental treatment expertise through specialisation

Each member of our treatment team brings to the dentist’s chair not only solid skills in basic dentistry but also specialist expertise in one or more specialist areas.

Modern dentistry has developed into a complex field with many disciplines. It is beyond the abilities of any one dentist to follow developments in all disciplines at one and the same time. Together, however, we are able to cover virtually all areas of dentistry.

Our services:

  • Dental prophylaxis
    preventive programs for children and adults
  • Retention of teeth
    caries treatment, plastic fillings, ceramic inserts
  • Dental prostheses
    custom-made dental bridges, dental crowns, dental prostheses
  • Implantology
    quality dental implants for solid dental restorations
  • Endodontics
    treatment of tooth roots with the use of a microscope
  • Treatment of periodontal disease
    continuous treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis
  • ZOOM teeth whitening
    teeth whitening for a bright smile
  • Dental aesthetics, dental jewelry
    cosmetics for your teeth
  • Dental medicine for the elderly
    dental health and quality of life until old age
  • Fear of the dentist
    we take this special situation of our patients very seriously and take compassionate care of your problems
  • Jaw treatment
    functional diagnosis of improper bite
  • Complete treatment
    modern therapies of natural medicine and rehabilitation of foci of dental origin
  • Orthodontics
    treatments of improperly positioned teeth in children and adults in cooperation with an experienced associate
  • Jaw treatments
    special preventive programs and treatments suitable for children, without fear
  • Treatments under anesthesia
    dental treatment under general anesthesia for major procedures or at the request of the patient